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How To Prepare Your Garden Before Viewings


When preparing your home for viewings, it is essential that you showcase the property’s best features. We have a blog article on property staging, so you know how to display the inside of your home, but the outside space can be just as important. This means you need to ensure that your garden looks its best when potential viewers  arrive for property viewings. In this blog, we give you all of our tips and tricks for making your garden look the best and maximising it’s potential.


Mow the Lawn and Freshen Up Plants

Now, this should be one of the first steps you take when sprucing up your garden before a property viewing. You should mow the lawn, trim the hedges and tidy up bushes on a dry day; this is because it is easier to do so and should leave you with a better result. Also, if your plants are looking a little tired and withered, it is a good idea to strip these out and plant new, fresher ones. Adding newer plants can add colour to your garden and brighten the space and make it look more inviting. If there are any bare places with nothing going on, then lay down some bark or stones; this can add dimension to the garden and different textures.


Light It Up

Outdoor lights go a long way. Not only are they brilliant for security reasons, but they can also make the garden look more appealing when dark, especially in the winter as the nights draw in earlier. Having some outdoor lights in your garden can also help property viewings because quite a few showings will take place in the evening due to people being at work.


Tidy the Garage and Shed

If you have any outdoor storage, it is advised that you give it a clean, organise the contents and make them more visually appealing. Sheds and greenhouses can often end up neglected in gardens, and they can become a bit of an eyesore, so you should try to freshen them up. Alternatively, if they are worn out and not really useable, then it could be a good idea to remove them completely. While you are sprucing up your outdoor storage, take a look at your fences and see if they need any work. Adding a lick of paint or varnish can go a long way and make the garden look much nicer.


Garages can also become cluttered and untidy, so it is suggested that before a viewing you allocate some time to sort it out. General maintenance, such as ensuring the internal lighting works and that the doors are all in motion, is essential. The last thing you want to happen is to have a viewing and the garage door doesn’t open easily, the light doesn’t work, and there is clutter everywhere; this isn’t very appealing to potential buyers.


Dress Your Outdoor Furniture

If you do have outdoor furniture, and the weather is dry, it could be nice to dress it up a bit. Put some cushions on the seating and decorate the table with candles, wine and glasses, for example. Also, if you have either a chimenea, patio heater or fire pit, light this in time for the viewing. Dressing the area in which you relax in the garden can be a real selling point to potential buyers because they can envision themselves chilling out there in the future. 


Create a Welcoming Entrance

If you have a front garden, it could be nice to add some colour to it and make a pleasant welcome for potential buyers. Plant some flowers, tidy the bushes and ensure there is no debris present. A welcome mat, house name or number sign and a door light can also create a brilliant first impression. If you have a driveway, try to clear this of cars, bins, bikes etc. so that viewers can see the full potential and size of the outdoor space.


We hope that you have found this blog informative. If you are selling your home, increase your chances of a quick and successful sale by showcasing your property in its best light. Here at Godfrey, Short and Squire, we offer expert advice on all property-related issues. We have homes for sale in North Tawton and in West Devon, so whether you would like to sell, buy, rent or let, please get in contact with us today. We have buyers and tenants ready and waiting for the right property!


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