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6 Ways To Add Value To Your Home


Whether you are looking to make improvements to your current home, or wish to sell it, there are many ways you can add value to your property. These can come in the form of minor or more expensive changes, but they will be worthwhile improvements. However, even if you aren’t looking to sell your home at the moment, it is still good to know what changes you can make to increase the value. By knowing these aspects, it can help you narrow down which changes you want to do first as well as making your home more enjoyable to live in. Below you will find six ways you can add value to your home.   

Painting the Exterior  

Maintaining the exterior of your home is important, especially if you want to put it on the market as first impressions really do count. By simply cleaning the exterior walls and making sure the front garden/driveway look tidy can work wonders. Additionally, you can easily brighten up the outside of your home by giving it a fresh lick of paint. It is advisable that you try and stick to a neutral colour as this will give it a bright and welcoming feel.  

Fix Any Structural Problems  

When it comes down to home improvements, fixing any existing structural issues can be a more expensive option but very worthwhile. However, even though these are some of the pricier options on this list, fixing them will ensure that the home stands for a longer time. If you have noticed any issues such as damp, cracks in the walls or a leaking roof, then you can instruct a Building Surveyor to assess the issue as well as letting you know what the best course of action would be to resolve it.  

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient  

If your home is older, it probably isn’t very energy efficient, and if this is the case, then you can improve this by simply replacing any older windows and doors. Some properties may still have single glazing windows, and if your property does, then replacing them with double or even triple glazing is a wise investment.

By doing this, you will not only save money on your energy bills but will also make your home safer. By replacing the windows and doors, you can often instantly modernise your home as well as making it more appealing.  

Improve Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the ‘heart of the home’, and this is one room which potential buyers will prioritise during their search. You can either completely remodel your kitchen or simply brighten it up by decluttering and giving it a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, you can completely replace the units, but if you are looking to sell, then don’t invest too much money into this room as buyers may not like the style you have chosen.  

However, if you want to change the look of your kitchen completely, it is advisable that you keep to neutral colours and modern cabinets. As well as improving the look of your kitchen, it may also be time to replace your oven or other appliances. Not only will doing this improve the look of your kitchen but can also help reduce your energy bills as many modern appliances have a better energy rating.  

Improve the Living Room  

The living room is often one of the most used rooms in a home, so you should try and make it feel as inviting as possible. Again, neutral colours are advisable if you are looking to sell as many potential buyers prefer a blank canvas. Ensure that there is a lot of natural light flowing into this room as well as arranging the furniture in a way which would be good for entertaining.  

Extending or Converting  

One of the best ways to add value to your home and one of the most expensive options is by converting or extending your property. For example, if you have a loft and planning permission, converting this rarely used space into an extra bedroom can add thousands of pounds onto the property’s value. Additionally, you could also convert your garage into another bedroom, an office or additional living space.  

In terms of extending your home, you could add a conservatory, orangery or even add a double-story extension. Of course, you will require planning permission, but if you want to increase the space of your home, it is beneficial to look into your options.   Whether you are looking to sell your home online, or want to enjoy the space you already have, making some of these improvements cannot just increase the value of your home, but also make it more attractive. If you are looking to sell your home, then please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01837 54504.

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