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10 Reasons Why Devon Is The Best Place To Live


Now, we might be a little bit biased when we say that Devon is the best place in England to live. At GSS Property, we all live in Devon! But biases aside, it truly is a remarkable corner of the world and we love it! We wanted to take a moment to share with you the 10 reasons why we believe Devon is the best!


Perfect properties

Devon is home to the perfect property for anyone. Maybe you’re looking for a Georgian townhouse in Exeter, or a thatched cottage in a sleepy town, or a grand county mansion in the middle of no-where. Devon has it all!


Wide open spaces

Stretch your arms wide and take a deep breath of that fresh country air! Devon is full of wide open spaces, national parks, big gardens and beaches. It’s the perfect place to enjoy nature.


Idyllic scenery

We’re mentioning nature again because it seriously deserves two paragraphs. Are you looking for rugged coast lines, beautiful beaches or in search of the good stomp across the moors? Devon can provide all of these things!


Community spirit

Living in Devon you are going to be greeted by (we think) the friendliest people in England! You’re going to get to know your neighbours, your local shop keepers and business owners in no time!


Heaps of activities

There are heaps of activities to take part in in Devon. You can surf, canoe, climb or, join a sports team (check out the article we recently wrote about local sports teams). That’s before we even get started talking about all amazing local arts and crafts that are created in Devon.


Enjoy the climate

Being in the south of England, Devon enjoys a warmer climate than most of the UK. On the coast you can even see palm trees growing! Enjoy sunny summers at the beach or lazing by a pool and mild winters tucked up beside the fire with a good book.


Eat like a king

Devon is home to a whole heap of farmers, like means you can enjoy local food right on your doorstep. Lamb for our rich pastures and organic veggies hand picked for you! Allotments and big gardens are also common so you can grow your own!


Rich history

Devon has a rich and vibrant history. Take Okehampton Castle for example. It’s a motte and bailey castle dating from the Norman Conquests! It’s the largest castle in Devon and has a spooky history. It is said that Lady Howard lived there, killed four of her husbands and made a carriage out of their bones. Yikes!


Good Transport

Devon is a connected part of the country; you can hop on a train from Exeter and be in London in no time! Whilst it’s not quite commutable, it makes it convenient for overnight trips! You can also hop on the Ferry in Plymouth and be in France in a matter of hours. For summer vacations with the kids.


Affordable cost of living

Devon is an affordable place to live. Right now, the average Devon household has over £17k disposable income per year. This means there will be plenty of your hard-earned money left over each month to help you enjoy all that Devon has to offer. 


Have we tempted you into making the move to Devon? We hope so! If you’re interested in looking at properties in the area, check out our website. or give us a call at

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