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360 Tours Are The Future


Taking tours of properties has just got a whole lot easier. For most of us, the first step towards making a new house our home is checking out pictures online. The problem anyone who has ever viewed a property will have fallen for the ‘fish-eye lens’ fiasco. For those of you that haven’t, that means you look at photos of a beautiful spacious home and you arrive to find not only could you not swing a cat, but you couldn’t even swing a hamster.


COVID-19 has been a total nightmare, but one thing it has done that’s amazing is push us toward a more digital future. At GSS Property we have really leaned into this. We want to make sure that you will never again walk into a property that isn’t quite how it seems. It’s a waste of evvvverybodies time.


We have recently started giving 360 videos tours of all of our properties. That means you can see into every single nook and cranny of every single room. Do you want to know if you can see the front door from the staircase? Well, now you can take a look. Do you want to see how the rooms flow from kitchen to dining for entertaining? Well, now you can virtually explore. Do you have a penchant for crown mouldings and want to see how they are finished? Now you can!


Click on a link below for an example of just how cool these video tours are:


GSS Property is currently offering video tours for all our for-sale properties and we will be adding them to our rental properties as soon as we can. (Humblebrag: we keep renting them out before we can make the videos.)


If you are interested in any of the properties you have toured then feel free to give us a call and ask any questions any time!

You can reach us on: 01837 54504


Can’t wait to hear from you! 

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