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9 Simple Home improvements for maximum impact!


Whilst lockdown seems to be approaching its end, for many of us we are still faced with weeks of staying at home. Maybe you have vulnerable people in your life, maybe you’re still on furlough or maybe your company has decided that ‘work from home’ is a good fit for your role. Either way, a lot of us have much more time on our hands than we are used too.

At GSS Property we have been putting our heads together to think of some simple home improvements you can take that will improve your home and are do-able during lockdown. This means no builders, just you, and possibly a YouTube tutorial. We all deserve a lovely living space, and if it’s your own home, a rental property or a place you’re thinking of selling/renting out, these simple tips are tricks are easy to action and have maximum impact!


1)      Paint touch-ups

Repainting your home can seem like a daunting task but there is a simple way to down-scale this project. Instead of repainting, just touch up the existing paint job.

Paint touch-up where you find any dirty marks. Clean them off the best you can, give them a quick rub with a little sandpaper and then repaint (with the same colour) over the patch.

This needs to be done carefully and you might need to gently blend the new paint in with the old to make it look seamless, but it really freshens up a room! This works really well on holes left by hanging pictures.


2)      Add a statement wall

Whilst we are talking about painting, let’s discuss statement walls. Having a bold or bright colour across a whole room can seriously make your eyes hurt. But, if you are feeling creative why not have one wall a bright colour and the rest of the room more neutral.

This works especially well for chimney breasts and alcoves. Painting an alcove a dark colour will add depth and make the room feel bigger!


3)      Get creative with shelving!

Shelving can be great for storage and displaying treasured items! One of our favourite tips is to add shelving to a long hallway. You can fill the shelves with books, photographs and other arty objects. Hallways are often underused spaces, so this really adds character.

A great option for kid’s rooms is to go modular with your shelving. You can buy box shelving from IKEA and plenty of places on amazon, or you can get creative and make your own! It’s affordable, it looks good, and you can reuse and rearrange as your needs change!


4)      Do up your bathroom

You might think that renovating a bathroom needs to be a big job, but there are actually lots of small things you can do that make a big impact.

Something like replacing the shower head. This is a simple job that you don’t need a plumber to help with. You can just choose a style you like and do it yourself. It can really refresh the shower situation. You can also buy a matching corner soap dishes and other bathroom accessories to really tie it in.

5)      Tackle the grouting

Mouldy grouting is something that afflicts us all. Did you know that you can get grouting stain? You can add fun colour to your grouting that hides any discolouration! It really brightens up a bathroom and makes it look like you have completely retiled!


6)      Repaint cabinets

If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are looking a bit tired, why not repaint them? This might sound daunting, but it actually works really well! You need to figure out what type of material your cabinets are made from. Is it wood or MDF or laminate? Then you can pick the right paint, usually oil or water-based latex. There is a great article HERE giving full details.


7)      Mirrors!

Mirrors are amazing for tight spaces. They reflect light and make a room look bigger. If your entrance hall is a bit dingy, hang a big mirror, as big as you can! Not only is this great for last minute outfit checks before you leave the house, it will also brighten up the space.

If your bedroom is a little tight, then hang full length mirrors off your wardrobe doors. These are handy for checking your outfit and can be angled (thanks door hinges), but they will also make your room seem bigger.


8)      Change your doorknobs

This might seem a bit bonkers, but funky doorknobs on doors, draws and cupboards can really change the whole look of a room. You can order really fun and funky ones online and mix and match them or get a full set. This is fast and easy and makes a big difference!


9)      Upgrade switch plates

Along the same theme as doorknobs, have you thought of changing out your switch plates? You can order really fun and funky ones online that add unique flair to any room!


We hope this article has given you some inspiration for the upcoming weekend! Time to get to it and give your home a fresh look and feel! Let us know how you get on by sending us a message on facebook! We love to see what you’re working on!


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