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A Guide to Buying a Cottage


Devon is renowned for its picturesque villages and towns which are surrounded by scenic landscapes. These locations often have their streets lined with quaint cottages which add to the overall character and ambience.


Cottages can offer a great deal in terms of owning one as they can be cosy and warm during the colder months with a roaring fire. During the warmer months, you will have a peaceful garden filled with beautiful fauna and flora. These reasons, along with peace and quiet, are often what draws so many in to escape from their bustling city lives.

However, with any property purchase, you need to ensure you are making a sound investment, and of course, cottages tend to be much older so there may be some things to consider. We have put together this guide as well as some tips on how you can purchase your perfect cottage!


Get A Survey Carried Out


Many cottages will be older, so before you commit to the purchase, it is important that you get a survey carried out. You will probably need a building survey as this is one of the most in-depth reports you can get. Once carried out, the report will describe the condition of each element of the cottage and identify the property’s defects if it has any. It will also state their cause, the urgency of repair and maintenance options. It is extremely important that you get a survey carried out on the property due to its age, as you don’t want to invest in a property that could have a number of issues.


Due to the age of many traditional cottages, they often haven’t been built to the standards that we see today. Cottages are usually prone to damp as they won’t have cavity walls; this is something to consider.


Listed Building


If the cottage is a listed building, it may have restrictions that may stop you from carrying out any work you want to do. There can be a lot of restricting regulations which will be a challenge to get over, so you should be aware of this before you commit to your purchase; especially if you want to make any changes in the future.




Many cottages will be found in more rural locations so you will need to assess what local amenities are located nearby as well as ensuring you have transport. Of course, you may find a cottage in a picturesque town or village which would be perfect if you needed to be near transport links, but not so good if you are looking for complete peace and quiet.



Many of the points above should be taken into considerations just to give you peace of mind. However, there are actually several benefits of choosing to purchase a cottage.


Character: Most cottages will be older and period properties, and this often means that they will have a lot of character. From exposed beams to a quirky layout, they are one of the more unique types of properties.


Beautiful Surroundings: As mentioned briefly above, you can often find cottages lining the street of quaint towns in the midst of the countryside. This means that many cottages will have panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, which can be one of the main selling points of this type of property.


Location: If you are seeking a quieter country life, then finding a cottage in a town or village can be the answer. Smaller locations can often have a great community spirit with many events to enjoy. For example, Okehampton is a wonderful town located right on the edge of Dartmoor, but it is also half an hour’s drive from Exeter. This will mean you get the best of both worlds by enjoying a slower pace of life but not sacrificing on local amenities.


Here at Godfrey Short & Squire, we are Dartmoor estate agents who cover the whole on West Devon. Whether you are looking to buy a property or want an experienced estate agent to market your home to its full potential, we have extensive knowledge of the local area. If you have any questions about the services we offer or are interested in one of our listed properties, then please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01837 54504.

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